Gaming with your stress system

Stressjam can be formulated as a simple algorithm: groundbreaking scientific and psychological knowledge + biofeedback + virtual reality headset + supercool serious game! A remarkable innovation won 2017 Computable Awards in the category: 'Digital Innovation of the Year' the most important ICT award in the Netherlands.

Digital Innovation of the Year

Stress can be healthy!

"Stress" has a bad name. For years, we have been assuming that stress makes us sick and increases the risk of just about everything: from a common cold to burnout and cardiovascular disease. However, research from Stanford and Harvard shows that stress can have positive effects.

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Gaming with your stress system

One is literally immersed in a world where it's possible to practice with one's own stress system in real-time in order to get a positive mindset over stress. Because recent research tells us that this possitive mindset is what has to be trained. Stress has many benefits, discover the world of Stressjam!

The world of Stressjam

Stress at work is occupational disease number 1

Every year, over a million people are at risk of becoming stressed-out and getting other work-related mental illnesses. Employee absenteeism costs have risen in the Netherlands to 1.8 billion euros per year!

of absenteeism at work is caused

by work related stress.

of absenteeism of 25 to 35 years-olds has to do with occupational burnout.

TNO data based on NEA and WEA.

Is Stressjam suitable for my company?

Stressjam is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about coping with their own stress. This is very relevant for companies (employees with stress-related complaints generate a lot of costs), but also for primary care, healthcare providors, hospitals, schools, and other places where people train their body and mind such as gyms, hotels and vitality coaches. Stressjam is also very suitable for specific people who undergo high levels of stress, like top sporters and people with chronic diseases.

Regular trainning with Stressjam is important because changing your stress-mindset can make you truly healthier. If you change your attitude towards stress, your body changes even to a cell level!

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